In-House R&D and Technology Sourcing

The integration of Pro Farm has led to a significant transformation in our approach to innovation. Previously, our primary focus was on sourcing technology externally. However, with the integration of Pro Farm, our emphasis has shifted towards strengthening our internal R&D capabilities. Internally, we have developed a dynamic R&D team equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and pilot-scale facilities. We now have specialized teams in entomology and nematology for the study and development of products. Our bioprocess department has been strengthened with the capability to establish optimal parameters for the production of active metabolites and conduct larger-scale fermentation processes. The chemistry department is focused on identifying active ingredients and understanding their behavior. Our formulation team explores innovative technologies to develop effective and stable formulations. Additionally, our plant science department contributes expertise in various agriculture-related areas. This team utilizes proprietary technologies to isolate and assess naturally occurring microorganisms and plant extracts, driving the development of innovative biological-based products.

Simultaneously, we engage in collaborations with leading academic and independent research institutions, startups, and third-party companies during the initial stages of technology development. This open-architecture approach enables us to identify promising technologies and establish strategic partnerships, expediting the development of market-ready innovations.

Our current strategy strikes a balance between internal innovation and external collaboration. The Pro Farm integration has significantly elevated the importance of R&D within our innovation framework. We believe that this strategic shift positions us as a leader in biotechnology, enabling us to offer a diverse portfolio of high-quality products that cater to the evolving demands of our customers and the market.

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Product Development Partnering

We are continually working on product development, both internally and in collaboration with other companies. In selecting partners, we look for internationally recognized entities that can provide complementary funding, technology, sourcing, product development capabilities, intellectual property and market access.

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Production and Market Access

The production and market access stage of our business model focuses on leveraging our proprietary sales channels and partnering with third parties to access and establish multiple pathways to markets and maximize market reach. Once a technology obtains the required regulatory approvals, we, our joint ventures, or our strategic partners commercialize products that employ such technology and sell them to global end-users. We also complement our direct sales efforts by licensing our technologies to other companies for inclusion in their products or production systems. This complementary approach seeks to widen the presence of our technologies in the global agriculture market and increase our revenues.

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