Technology sourcing

Our open architecture model allows the world’s scientific community (public and educational institutions, other companies, entrepreneurs, etc.) to collaborate with us. Currently, Bioceres is involved with more than 30 collaboration projects and joint initiatives with various technology players across the world. Through these arrangements, we source and validate promising early-stage technologies, which are usually financed through public grants and/or other capital-efficient sources and thereby mitigate high financial risks often associated with discoveries at this stage of development.

Our R+D pipeline mainly focuses on developing biological products that improve crop performance while reducing environmental impact, including the carbon footprint of agricultural activities. We discover, develop and commercialize biotech traits, biofungicides, biostimulants, inoculants, soybean and wheat seed varieties, as well as products that improve the efficiency of adjuvants and Microbeaded fertilizers, by combining these with biological inputs. Our recently developed EcoSoy and EcoWheat solutions integrate several Bioceres technologies and target specific agricultural regions.

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Product development

We collaborate with strategic partners and form joint ventures to develop validated technologies and bring resulting products to market faster and with higher returns on investment. This approach also reduces our financial burden and the risks related to product development activities, while also enhancing our ability to develop multiple commercially viable products.

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Go to market

We test and conduct trial runs of our key technologies at our main field station in Pergamino, Argentina, which also has processing capabilities for foundation seeds. In addition to Argentina, we have production facilities in Brazil. Leveraging our dominant position in Argentina, we are successfully expanding in other major agricultural markets, such as Brazil, Europe and the United States. Our global footprint also includes sales offices or representatives in nine other countries. We believe our growing presence in key markets will attract additional industry leaders interested in forging partnerships to develop and commercialize high-value crop productivity solutions, whether it’s R&D, licensing, production or distribution.

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