Our business model is driven by three key pillars: technology sourcing, product development partnering, and production and market access. We employ an open-architecture approach to technology origination which involves identifying and accessing promising technologies from third parties, and forming strategic and capital-efficient partnerships that leverage each party’s capabilities to quickly bring innovations to market.

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Bioceres Semillas

Bioceres Semillas, our sales channel for seeds, with a primary crop focus on wheat and soybean.

Website: www.bioceressemillas.com.ar

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Rizobacter, a global leader in biological products and Argentina’s leading provider of bio-based solutions for the agricultural sector with a strong focus on crop nutrition and protection solutions.

Website: https://rizobacter.com.ar/

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Verdeca was formed in partnership with Arcadia Biosciences with the goal of developing soybean traits.

Website: www.verdeca.com

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Trigall Genetics

Trigall Genetics was formed in partnership with Florimond Desprez to develop and commercialize wheat varieties with next-generation biotechnologies

Website: www.trigall.com

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Synertech was formed by Rizobacter in partnership with De Sangosse with the goal of producing and commercializing micro-granulated fertilizers

Rizobacter internacional Subsidiaries

Rizobacter internacional Subsidiaries